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Growing market for lithium batteries for electric vehicles

Lithium is becoming crucial to the battery supply chain for electric vehicles.


Chemical tower transport a breeze with RoRo

WWL continues to challenge the preconception that RoRo ocean transport is only for vehicles.


RoRo – the safer, smarter way

Breakbulk Americas 2017

Houston, 17-19 October


Lines blur between cars and tech at future motor shows

Digital evolution and newcomers to the industry look set to make impact on motor shows.

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The impact of 5G: How will 5G affect the automotive industry and mobility?

We have spoken to an expert on 5G about the future of the automotive industry.

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Imports to fill the auto gap in Australia

As car production comes to an end, light vehicle sales growth looks set to continue.


Growth expected in Chinese auto exports

We could soon see the ‘Made in China’ tag on cars as well as consumer goods.