The growth of the global middle class and increasing urbanization in many parts of the world requires more energy. Emerging countries require new power plants whereas industrialized countries head towards a big refurbishment period demanding higher production capacity without increasing size of equipment. The result of these demands are often heavy weight products which impose big challenges to all supply chain providers. At Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics we are well prepared to assist you in moving your product in the most secure and smooth manner available. 

With the increased demand comes the continuous expansion of the grid which requires building of new power stations and relays as well as maintenance and extension of existing ones. To cater for the global demand the industry needs reliable transport partners to ensure steady and secure flow of new equipment. Our stable and reliable liner service with possibility to call inducement ports, if project size allows, offers the power generation industry a broad variety of different solutions.

The scarcity of fossil fuel increased the diversification of power generation equipment. We transport generators, turbines, combined heat and power units, wind power and other components on our vessels every day. With vast experience in handling and tailored equipment to carry your product we ensure a smooth and secure move.