The machinery and machine tool industry covers a broad variety of products and companies. Although variety is broad, the industry shares some common challenges. Exports in new and partly unknown markets as well as ramping up production in remote areas often require a completely new sales and distribution strategy. Setting up and successfully driving foreign sales is an ongoing challenge and requires significant resources; don’t let distribution challenges slow you down.

Your products are sensitive and need transport solutions that keep them protected from the elements and special equipment to enable loading and transfers without disturbing the product. Every transport move needs to be well planned and thoroughly executed to prevent any impact and cause as little movement as possible.

The range of products in the machinery and machine tool segment is as wide as the equipment solutions Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics offers. We always provide you with under deck storage and stow your product safely protected from the elements. Handling machinery on our rolltrailer solution ensures very smooth handling and minimal lifting. We can provide you with covered storage in bonded areas on all of our terminals to ease the pressure on your supply chain.

The size and weight of the machinery being shipped determine the type of equipment to load, stow and discharge the cargo. We handle most machinery using standard roll trailers that have a gross capacity of up to 140 tons. Handling of cargo this way on board eliminates the risk of potential damage during roll-on/roll-off operations.