Most often, smaller boats and yachts arrive at the port of loading on their own trailers and are carefully towed on board. In cases where larger boats and yachts reach the port in cradles, we load both the cradle and its cargo onto a roll trailer for stowage on board or use a crane for stowage on the weather deck. At the port of discharge, we can also lift or deliver boats and yachts directly into the water using a floating crane, a mobile crane or a port crane.

When the recreational marine industry looks for transport options, it is often challenged with the balance between quality and price. As affordability of your boats and yachts is one of the major concerns, the quality of transport logistics can end up being less scrutinized. But once your end customer decides to buy your product, you are not only measured by your products quality but also on punctuality and quality of delivery.

Regardless of your product range, WWL can meet your needs. From cradling to optimal stowing of smaller boats up to arranging crane operations to move your yacht to and from the weather deck – if desired directly from and into the water. To optimize your supply chain and increase your speed to market WWL can also offer different value added services such as storage in customs bonded areas, customs clearance and arrangement of road transport.