Agility, responsiveness, and efficiency can be elusive in the factory to dealer chain for your automotive, agricultural, construction, or project cargo. Limited capacity, long lead times, and high supplier costs confront you in every link of the chain. That's why Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics begins all factory to dealer solutions with understanding your challenges.

Whether cars, trucks, heavy equipment or specialised cargo, we offer a full range of services to help you optimize your outbound logistics and find your product’s most efficient path to the marketplace.

As a dedicated outbound logistics specialist, we help you create cost effective, timely and sustainable solutions to get your products to market

Talk to us about how we can design reliable and optimised solutions to get your products to new markets or help you source from new production locations in an efficient way.

Work with us to address challenges and inefficiencies in your outbound supply chain with our network redesign, optimisation and scenario planning covering cost, lead time, quality and CO2 emissions.

We create a seamless journey for your product; from factory to dealer or anything in between.