As a result of the high levels of seed contamination being intercepted on new vehicles imported into Australia, the Australia Department of Agriculture has undertaken a major revision of their clean cargo requirements. The department is now moving to better monitor, regulate and manage the biosecurity risks associated with the importation of new vehicles under Customs tariff codes 8703 (autos) and 8704 (trucks & busses, etc).

Starting 1st October 2014, the department intends to trial new processes to identify and stop noncompliant vehicles from entering the country.

To assist importers, the department has updated the web page Importing Motor Vehicles. This web page includes a link to a pre-loading cleaning guide and a new vehicle offshore pre-loading biosecurity risk guide. The guide provides helpful advice on contaminants that may be present on new motor vehicles and methods for contamination removal or control.

To avoid delays, make sure you have taken precautions for inspection and if necessary cleaning of your vehicles. In many export locations, WWL can offer these services. If you have any questions related to the new regulation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Customer Care in your area.

For more information, download the WWL Clean Product Guide.