Due to discovery of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs (a species not existing in Oceania and therefore potentially harmful to the local ecosystems) on cargo originating from the USA, authorities in New Zealand (Ministry of Primary Industries – MPI) and Australia (Department of Agriculture) have issued directives to importers which will have significant impact to the importation process for cargo on WWL vessels.

New Zealand bound cargo from the United States

New measures for all vehicles and machinery sourced and shipped from the United States were issued on December 23rd 2014, detailing that all vehicles loaded after this date are required to be:

  • Treated 48 hours prior to shipment with either: 
    • heat (60 °c / 20min) or 
    • methyl bromide (48gm/24hrs/10-15°c or 40gm/24hr/16-21°c)

OR  

  • Managed through an MPI approved system

This ruling applies to the following cargo:

  • new and used cars, and other vehicles
  • new and used tyres
  • rural and building machinery
  • equipment and parts
  • aircraft arriving as cargo
  • seacraft arriving as cargo

Full advice: http://mpi.govt.nz/importing/other/vehicles-and-machinery/

Australian bound cargo from the port of Savannah

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture has released a Notice to Industry 125 – 2014 – Biosecurity Alert. All Breakbulk Cargos loaded from the US Port of Savannah are now subject to full biosecurity inspection on arrival due to recent interceptions of hitchhiker pests, including the Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs. Fees for services rates will apply and will be effective immediately. Full advice, including fees for services: http://www.agriculture.gov.au/import/industry-advice/14/2014-125

Specific Department of Agriculture directives have been issued directly to importers / customs brokers detailing the type of approved treatment. Written approval is required by customers prior to treatment. We recommend that affected customers contact their local Customer Care Representatives prior to booking cargo to get further information on treatment options available. Please, select this link http://www.2wglobal.com/contact-us/customer-care-contacts/ and relevant country to see local Customer Care Representatives emails and phone numbers.

Additionally we would suggest to visit this notification on a regular basis, as it will be updated continuously.