The Australian Department of Agriculture (ADA) has today updated the Emergency measures originally issued on 22nd January 2015 (pls refer to  previous WWL notifications here). The new announcement published by the ADA on 16th February 2015 can be found on this link:

04-2015 Brown Marmorated Stink Bug: emergency measures for break bulk and containerised vehicles, machinery, automotive parts and tyres

In summary, the key differences between this and the previous announcements are as follows:

  • The pre-shipment treatment timeframe for break bulk cargo has been further expanded from “within 72 hours prior to loading” to “within 96 hours”.
  • The pre-shipment treatment timeframe for containerised cargo has been expanded from “within 21 days prior to shipment” to “within 90 days” providing containers are immediately sealed after treatment and arrive in Australia seals intact.

The ADA responses to Frequently Asked Questions are regularly updated to address concerns/queries in relation to the management of high risk cargo under these emergency measures.

Please contact your local Customer Care Representative for further updates should your cargo be impacted. Select this link and relevant country to see local Customer Care Representatives emails and phone numbers.

Additionally, please visit the Notification area on a regular basis, as it will be updated continuously.