March 31, 2015

Update: Clean Cargo Regulations for Shipments from the United States bound for Australia and New Zealand

Recently, the governments of Australia and New Zealand have instituted a series of new clean cargo mandates to manage the risk of certain forbidden insects that have been found on cargo originating in the United States. These mandates have required that cargo originating in the U.S. is specially treated within a certain timeframe of loading for sail. WWL has worked closely with shippers in order to best facilitate the specified cargo treatments and manage our vessel schedules to accommodate most cargo since the regulations were implemented in December 2014.

These emergency treatment measures will continue to apply to cargo arriving to Australia on vessels with first port of call up to and including April 30. These treatment measures will return into effect at the start of the next high risk season on or about September 1. You can read more here:

The Australia Department of Agriculture released a notice on March 27 advising that the emergency measures will be scaled back, thanks to the industry take-up of pre-shipment treatments and the demonstrated effectiveness of these treatments. For more information of what treatments will cease, please visit:

WWL customers should note that the Tijuca voyage #CF511 will be the first vessel arriving in Australia that will not require the pre-treatment of cargo. You can follow our vessel schedules online at:

Please note – at this time New Zealand has not lifted its treatment requirements and they remain in place year-round.

Also note – WWL still considers used motor homes and used travel trailers a high risk for contamination and cross-contamination. As such used Motor Homes and used Travel Trailers to Oceania will continue to require heat treatment with valid certificates prior to loading until further notice.

These mandates are subject to change by authorities. WWL will notify you should the authorities in Australia or New Zealand revise the cargo mandates.