Key factors influencing the supply chain costs

The factory to dealer supply chain is a complex process that has the potential to impact across your business, both positively and negatively.

Whether your distribution needs are domestic, regional or intercontinental; what levers do you have to ensure that the outbound supply chain brings the greatest possible benefits to you and your customers?

This infographic shows the main factors that influence the real and often hidden costs in your factory to dealer supply chain. To bring them to the fore, we take an integrated business perspective and look at how a well run outbound supply chain allows you to support strategic initiatives and gives your company a competitive edge.

4 benefits of an integrated factory to dealer view: 1. Reduce complexity and risk to increase control and efficiency. 2. Streamline supplier management and procurement processes. 3. Reduce capital and operational costs and increase velocity. 4. Reduce production volatility through use of logistics hubs.

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