Global perspectives on innovation, efficiency and sustainability in shipping

Program highlight:

  • 4 concurrent streams focussing on innovation in ship design, energy management, emissions reduction & discharges to sea 
  • Cargo owners' response to increased pressure for a sustainable logistics chain
  • Shipowner panels analyse the realities of using new onboard technology
  • Technology innovators discuss the challenges of moving 'novel technology' from concept to reality
  • Shipyard focus: how do owners, yards and designers work together to improve new ship designs?
  • Industry experience of ECAs and lessons learnt

WWL's head of Sustainability Anna Larsson will take part as a key speaker on two sessions.

"What is the industry experience of the introduction of ECAs and what lessons can be learned about enforcement and compliance? "

  • How does industry experience an issue that has been highly debated, challenging and expensive?
  • How was ECA implementation, are scrubbers functioning, is LSFO available, is enforcement taking place?
  • What lessons can be learned from this for BWMS?
  • Will a stricter SOx inspection regime in 2016 be effective?
  • How will  compliance be checked in 2020/2025?

Her first session will be on 17th March from 10.10-10.50 am.

"Preparing for MRV - how complicated will it be?"

  • What are the results of recent shipowner association research studies?
  • Who is going to verify what?
  • What happens to the data?
  • Requirements for cargo reporting
  • What will be the impact on operations?

Her second session will be on 18th March from 10.25-11.00 am.

This year's conference will be held from 15-18 March 2016 at Radisson blu scandinavia hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information please visit: