In October 2014, WWL once again invited customers to respond to its annual Strategic Survey. This year, around 420 respondents participated, answering questions that ranged from customer satisfaction to knowledge about WWL’s offerings.

 “The objective of the Strategic Survey is to get feedback on our performance as well as measure and take action on customer satisfaction and loyalty,” says Joost Somers, WWL Global Head of Customer Care. “The results of the survey are used to help us better structure our offerings to meet the most pressing needs of those we serve.”

 Somers notes that while WWL is still sifting through the data, a quick look at this year’s results were still enlightening. For instance, in 2014 WWL increased its Net Promoter Score (NPS).  A Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures customer loyalty, a methodology that is widely recognized and used by a large number of companies. The NPS is based on asking one question: How likely is it that you would recommend WWL to a friend or colleague. This year WWL increased its NPS to 35 versus last year’s result of 32.

 “All functions and parts of WWL have an important role in building on the positive results in this year’s Strategic Survey to keep improving our customers’ satisfaction,” Erik Nyheim, WWL Chief Commercial Officer.  

“This is excellent encouragement to raise the bar further for next year and take action on the feedback received.”

 The data also showed that while the majority of the customers surveyed are aware of WWL’s main offerings, they were not fully acquainted with all the services.

 “I think this means that we need to do a better job of letting our customers know what we can do to help them achieve an efficient outbound supply chain with the full range of services we offer,” says Somers.

 He continues: “Every customer has their own unique set of challenges and goals, so not only is it imperative that we understand their needs but that we take this feedback and use it as a tool to self evaluate and make appropriate changes going forward.”