Ecuador earthquake update

The port of Guayaquil in Ecuador is operational in the wake of a devastating earthquake that occurred over the weekend. 

On Saturday, April 17, a 7.8-magniture eathquake hit Ecuador’s central coast at approximately 170 kilometers northwest of the capital city of Quinto – flattening buildings and buckling roads. Significant damages have occurred up to several hundred kilometers from the center of the quake, including the port city of Guayaquil which WWL calls directly.

All WWL agent personnel is reported safe, and WWL agent Broom reports that both terminals in Guayaquil are functioning normally. There was an initial 12-hour suspension of operations to review the integrity of the facilities and infrastructure, then operations soon resumed to normal levels. And for the next several days, all vessels from nearby ports Manta and Esmeraldas will be diverted to Guayaquil.  

At the moment, cargo removals at the port are rather slow as there are damages on roads and bridges, and significant traffic congestion. Roads and towns to the northwest part of Ecuador are most devastated by the earthquake.

Japan earthquake update

A 6.5 magnitude earthquake occurred April 14th at 9:26 pm (local time) in the Kumamoto area of  Japan’s southwestern island Kyushu. It was followed by a second 7.3 magnitude earthquake two days later, April 16th at 1:25 am. Seismic activity with aftershocks in the Kumamoto and Oita prefecture areas in Kyushu is still ongoing.

The earthquake has caused many casualties and injuries, as well as, severe damage with numerous structures collapsing and catching fire. More than 44,000 people have been evacuated from their homes due to the disaster as there is concern about landslides and collapsing buildings and houses.

WWL staff and offices in Japan have not been affected by the earthquakes, as they are all located on the main island Honshu, more than 850 km away from the areas where the earthquakes happened. Our thoughts are with the people affected in the Kumamoto region.