WWL’s Ann Arbor office, based near Detroit, the home of the US automotive industry, donated 2,000 US dollars to the Food Bank, and staff members volunteered their time on August 17 to sort, package and prepare food and drinks for delivery to local residents.

The city of Flint was thrown into the spotlight in 2014 when concerned residents reported discoloured water in the city’s plumbing system. Ever since, residents of Flint have been dealing with the long-term effects of unsafe water supply, which has affected the community’s access to clean and safe water for drinking, cooking and overall health and wellness.

The situation facing the residents compelled WWL to act. After careful consideration, the team at the Ann Arbor office decided to team up with the local food bank, which partners with 400 other non-profits and helps more than 330,000 individuals in the community each year.