Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics recently launched M/V Thermopylae, the first of its new generation of Post-Panamax High Efficiency RoRo (HERO) vessels. Measuring in at 36.5 metres wide and 199.99 metres long, the Thermopylae features five liftable car decks, providing more configurations for a wider variety of customer cargo. The vessels shallow draft allows it to call ports with shallower depths, increasing the scope of its service. The Thermopylae’s design showcases emission reducing features such as a streamlined bow, new Promas rudder and an engine that allows the vessel to operate more efficiently in an increased range of speeds and drafts. In addition, the vessel is fitted with an Exhaust Gas Cleaning System that reduces sulphur emissions to below 0.1 per cent in compliance with new ECA regulations. This system also removes 70 per cent of particulate matter, significantly reducing nitrogen oxide emissions. The Thermopylae’s maiden voyage will take place on WWL’s Asia-Europe route, starting in the port of Hitachinaka, Japan, and landing in Bremerhaven, Germany.