We welcome you to respond to the Ocean Exchange’s worldwide search for sustainable solutions that demonstrate the ability to generate economic growth and increase productivity while reducing the use of natural resources and the production of waste.

The $100,000 annual Orcelle Award is an investment in driving positive change industry-wide.

“The zero-emissions logistics challenge is great, however with the Ocean Exchange’s wide net we believe we have the best possibly to find innovative solutions that are both lean and green,” says Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s Head of Sustainability, Roger Strevens.

The award is given to the solution that can make logistics operations more sustainable by advancing high-efficiency or zero-emission technologies that are commercially viable.

Impact through sustainability 

Registration is welcomed from innovators working on solutions in materials, devices, processes, and systems, with the ability to make impact through sustainability. Working prototypes that have the potential to generate economic growth and increase productivity, while reducing waste and the use of natural resources, are eligible to win.

Registrations must be submitted before 31 July 2018. Selected finalists will travel to present at Ocean Exchange 2018 in October 7-9, 2018, where delegates representing business, academia, government, and non-profits will select the winner.

Even if your prototype doesn’t win, there’s still a great opportunity to get some early exposure. All solutions passing pre-screening are showcased in a digital magazine where organisations from around the world seeking innovative solutions can discover your work, learn more about your solution, and contact you.