What is the thought process behind the improved form?

Simply put, the Rate Request application allows our customers to ask for rates online. The cargo information is better structured and aligned with our current global tariff structure. This allows us to process the information faster and therefore respond faster to spot business rate requests.

How does it work?

The web form captures all the information WWL needs in order to put together a quote. This includes the origin and destination ports, information on the shipper and forwarder, and full cargo details. Once we receive the request, it is processed and a rate returned to the customer within 24 hours.

What are the benefits for the customer?

Customers benefit from several intelligent features built-in to the form, which standardise the input and reduce the likelihood of mistakes. All required fields are clearly marked, while the origin and destination fields allow customers to easily search through the database based on criteria such as port name, country name, country code or port code. Customers also have the option to specify weight and measurement of the cargo based on either metric or imperial values, which gives us the most accurate figures to work with.

Click here to try the updated rate request tool.

How is customer service different in the digital age?

Asking questions and submitting requests via the internet and even social media is commonplace in a B2C environment. This behaviour is starting to impact B2B communications too. It’s our duty to respond to this changing trend and allow our customers to interact with us in the way they choose.

How does this fit within WWL’s digital strategy?

We plan to offer customers quick, easy access to information via our website and through a dedicated customer portal that has all the relevant data and digital tools available. Studies show that customers who are satisfied with their digital experience make more referrals, and we believe customers will be happier if they don’t need to call or email us all the time to get the information they need.