WW Ocean's new line of RoRo vessels takes advantage of the new vessel size limit allowed by the third set of Panama Canal locks that begun operation in June. Themis is the fourth in a total of eight new RoRo vessels that will commence service for WW Ocean between 2015 and 2017.

Like her sister vessels, Theben, Thalatta and Thermopylae, Themis is almost 200 metres long, 36.5 metres wide and features five liftable car decks, allowing for multiple configurations and a wide variety of customer cargo. The vessel can transport up to 8,000 car equivalent units. With the new draft, she can call ports with shallower depths, increasing her geographical scope of service.

The vessel has a specially designed hull shape, rudder and bow to reduce drag and wave resistance, thus improving fuel efficiency. She is also fitted with an exhaust gas cleaning system that reduces sulphur emissions to below 0.1 per cent in compliance with ECA regulations and removes 70 per cent of particulate matter. All HERO class vessels comply with the International Maritime Organisation’s guidelines on ship recycling.

On her maiden voyage, MV Themis’ first port of call was Yokohama, Japan, from where she is presently sailing with Bremerhaven, Germany, as her final destination.