Ted Boudalis was recently named senior general manager of strategy and operations for WWL Vehicle Services America. He oversees port processing operations in Baltimore, Galveston and Oxnard, and he assists with strategic development. He joined from Mercedes-Benz USA, where he worked for more than 15 years in managing and developing logistics facilities, as well as overseeing processing operations.

What makes WWL VSA stand out in the market?

We’re not only trying to provide the best services for our customers. We’re also challenging our people to be more innovative. Anyone can take instructions from a customer, but who’s using their expertise as a processor to find ways to be more innovative and provide things faster and more efficiently? That’s what we’re trying to do for our customers in order to create more value for them. 

Not only do we know vehicle processing but we also understand the customers’ business and can adapt quickly to support their needs.

How will you apply your experience from Mercedes-Benz in your new role?

A lot of it is forward-looking strategy. What are the OEMs looking to do? In the last several years at Mercedes, accessorisation and value-added installations on vehicles at both processors and dealerships have grown in popularity and provide an opportunity for the company. I identified several other OEM trends and know how a lot of things are likely to go, which means I can help to position us ahead of the curve.

What are the critical success factors in auto processing?

Meeting our customers’ KPIs and maintaining a good dialogue with them. You aren’t always going to hit your targets, but are you keeping your customer up to date? We need to see the issues before they arise and proactively come up with a contingency plan. This is possible, I believe, by looking at trends.

What will WWL VSA focus on or enhance for its customers going forward?

We have a brand new operation in Galveston, which is really showing the best of what WWL can offer. It has applied all lessons from our other sites, and by doing so we’ve created a fantastic facility that matches the customers’ needs perfectly. We will use Galveston as a model for our other operations and show customers how much we can do for them in the future, whether on an existing site or on a completely new processing site.