Eight-year WWL veteran Roberto Zavala has recently been appointed as Head of Mexico. It will be his job to manage and oversee WWL’s operational activity in a country that is experiencing significant growth in the automotive sector. Zavala spoke about the challenges facing the industry and OEMs operating within the country and what his goals are going forward.

What is the current state of the auto market in Mexico?

It’s booming. Production reached 3.2 million units in 2014, and according to the latest projections it could reach 5 million units by 2020. Most of the volumes will be exported, but the domestic market has recovered to pre-crisis levels during 2014.

How will new acquisitions in Mexico affect WWL’s offering in the region?

WWL has increased its footprint by acquiring two multi-brand facilities in the vicinity of Mexico City and Port of Veracruz.  Through them we offer integrated services from port of discharge to dealers for OEMs (including transportation), which is a scope we did not have before.

As Head of Mexico, what are your goals for WWL?

We need to execute our strategy for Mexico and maintain our current land-based footprint while growing in line with the expected growth for the auto market here. I also want us to focus on operational excellence and talent development, which will be vital to succeeding in this very competitive market.

What are the greatest challenges facing industry in Mexico in 2015?

Three words: infrastructure, inland transportation capacity and security. The types of investments that are required at the ports are not happening at the same pace as industry growth, and railcar supply deficiencies are creating truck shortages that stress the entire logistics network. On the security side, vandalism and theft are still a concern for OEMs and suppliers.