In conjunction with the Power Logistics Asia conference, WWL was asked to develop and conduct a full-day workshop under the theme “Projects by RoRo”. While there is increasing awareness in the logistics community of what RoRo carriers can do, the knowledge is limited.

The main goal of the event was to increase the competence of  logistics professionals – mainly freight forwarders – on what the RoRo industry can offer to create better logistics solutions. Conference participants were invited to join the workshop and more than 30 freight forwarders and logistics professionals assembled at the Port of Jurong for the full day workshop.

 The workshop covered a range of topics including: RORO as more than a car carrier and a credible alternative to both containers and LOLO carriers; clarifying the pros and cons of using RoRo carriers compared with container and LoLo carriers; raising awareness of WWL’s and the industry’s breakbulk capabilities; helping freight forwarders understand the need to involve RoRo carriers in the sales process to ensure safe handling; demonstration of lashing and equipment, and much more.

Following the workshop, participants provided anonymous feedback, the results of which were very positive. They found the real-life demonstrations particularly helpful, in that they helped explain how to minimise risks and plan properly when shipping cargo with RoRo vessels. The workshop also helped to familiarise the participants with heavy transport activities via RoRo, which should translate into providing better services to their clients.