Baltimore and Santos played host to the latest RoRo Rodeo days. The annual events bring equipment manufacturers, stevedores and WW Ocean operations staff together to learn about the latest equipment technology and how to best operate the them.

The largest training event of its kind 

240 people were trained at the latest RoRo Rodeo event in Baltimore over a two-day period in May. The RoRo Rodeo is the largest training event of its kind in the Americas at which manufacturers directly train longshore labour.

The longshoremen and women received training from equipment manufacturers and learned to operate farm and construction equipment such as excavators and tractors. 

Conceived and launched at the Port of Baltimore in 1997, the event is a collaboration between the International Longshoremen’s Association, the Maryland Port Administration, the Steamship Trade Association, and the local port community. 

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WW Ocean’s Captain Jon Streett has been co-chairman of the RoRo Rodeo since 2001 and says that a well-trained workforce is good for business. “Our thought is that a rising tide raises all ships”.

A continent-wide event in Brazil 

Meanwhile in Latin America, EUKOR joined Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean as RoRo Rodeo co-organiser for the first time. Agents and stevedores from as far away as Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico and Brazil came together for the two-day RoRo Rodeo in Santos, Brazil, an exceptional turnout given the Brazil event is only in its third year.

RoRo Rodeo 2017: Hundreds trained at RoRo Rodeo 

The Santos Brazil Terminal (TEV) hosted the event, which was supported by All Ships, stevedores in Santos, and Sulnorte, the tugboat provider. Thanks to great support from the WW Ocean commercial team in Brazil, five customers guided the training: CAT, Komatsu, John Deere, Dynapac and Volvo.

RoRo Rodeos is a platform for knowledge transfer and participants learned proper handling of customer models, correct cargo securing procedures and use of stowage planning system.

Hands-on training included work on dump trucks, bulldozers, excavators and tractors.

“Through these events we foster competence building among our key service providers and supervisors to achieve operational excellence in our port calls in the Latin America area” says Mary Carmen Barrios, WW Ocean’s Head of Port Operations in Panama & Latin America.