The Port of Southampton has just completed construction of their sixth multistorey car park. 

Completed almost two months ahead of schedule the new multi-story car park was constructed using innovative techniques to reduce materials, construction waste and also to have a greener impact to the environment through LED lighting and improved motion sensors.

This newly acquired capacity will enable WWL the ability to accommodate the current ever present volume demands and peaks, but also position WWL Southampton for future growth. The UK auto exports have been increasing exponentially the last few years and this is a huge step in the right direction to combat the swelling demand of the UK export auto customers. 

Customer case: Enhancing Audi's operations in Mexico

Improving operational performance 

WWL have seen the terminal auto and rolling equipment volumes grow from 225,000 in 2010 to 470,000 in 2016. The proximity of the new car park to the vessel berth in conjunction with the additional capacity has enabled the WWL terminal to re-engineer the receiving and handling process and implement a smart cargo location scheme to improve both terminal and vessel cargo operational performance.

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The next phase in discussion is outfitting the Prince of Wales car park with universal charging stations in order to stay ahead of the curve with the growth of electric vehicles coming.

The Association of British Ports is also looking to undertake further investment to increase the overall port capacity by another 7,500 spaces by end of 2020. A portion of which may become available to WWL for further expansion in the years to come.