The Keen Transport team in Sanford, North Carolina, is rolling out a mobile platform service (MPS) that ties into its existing EPC platform and will soon be used across all Keen sites in the US.

Benefits for rolling equipment manufacturers include improved communications with the Sanford team, enhanced visibility of machinery, as well as access to real-time data and live updates.

The technology will supply data on key performance indicators and pre-delivery inspections, which will enable OEMs to better plan and execute onward transportation from the EPC, which processes 300-500 machines a week.

The MPS, which has also been rolled out at Keen’s Clayton, North Carolina EPC, offers benefits for WW Solutions’ employees too, by allowing them to complete activities on their smartphones and track machine locations. It streamlines invoicing and provides visual reports and information on revenue to facilities managers.

“This is a huge victory for the Sanford EPC and its customers,” said Brad Quinn, Quality Assurance Manager, Keen Transport. “Big thanks goes to Megan Baker and her team, as well as the entire team at Sanford.”

The roll-out of the MPS is part of Keen’s drive to provide technologically-advanced systems and tools for their customers in 2019 and beyond.