WWL has once again asked customers to give feedback through the annual Strategic Survey. To make it easier and quicker for customers to respond, this year’s questionnaire was simplified, resulting in a high response rate of 19 per cent. Joost Somers, WWL’s Global Head of Customer Care, says this is a strong indicator of a customer base that is highly engaged.

“In total, 473 of our customers responded to the survey, proving that they are very much engaged and willing to provide input to WWL, enabling us to improve our services and products further”, he comments.

The strategic survey helps the WWL better understand how customers experience working with them. This insight is key for the company to improve the experience across their products and services and further develop the various channels customers use in their interactions with the company.

“Some 80 per cent said they agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that WWL is easy to do business with. This is a great testament to the work our Sales and Customer Care teams are doing to make the experience as straightforward as possible. We will use the survey feedback to make it even better in future”, continues Somers.


Other feedback included customers wanting faster responses on rate requests and a growing demand for digital information and service solutions.

“In 2015, we simplified our pricing process and implemented a brand-new system to support rate requests and, since then, we’ve sought constantly to improve the response time. However, customers clearly still want us to respond even more quickly, so this is something we’ll need to improve even further”, says Somers.

WWL is also working on an e-commerce programme that will allow for the more timely provision of information to customers, while reflecting the growing preference for digital tools and online interactions.