From February 2018, WW Ocean will change the rotation of the three vessels trading between North and South America, leading to service improvements for many of our customers.

Doubled frequency 

Customers in the North America to South America West Coast service can look forward to a doubling of the frequency to two sailings per month. The new schedule offers a best-in-class service to shippers of cars, rolling equipment and breakbulk cargo.

There will be two sailings per month on the service running between the ports of Galveston (US) – Veracruz (Mexico) – Cartagena (Colombia) – Manzanillo (Panama) – Callao (Peru) – San Antonio (Chile) – Paranagua (Brazil) – Santos (Brazil) – Cartagena (Colombia) – Manzanillo (Panama) and back to Galveston (US). 

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Extra northbound service 

From March 2018, WW Ocean will introduce a third monthly northbound sailing from the South American East Coast to the US Gulf, calling at the ports of Zarate (Argentina) – Paranagua (Brazil) – Santos (Brazil) – Cartagena (Colombia) – Galveston (US) and Veracruz (Mexico).

The result is an unrivalled three sailings per month service to key ports on the South America to North America trade routes. Monthly direct calls for cargo loading will also return to Zarate (Argentina).

For Manta (Ecuador), Iquique (Chile), Rio Grande (Brazil) and Suape (Brazil), the once-monthly frequency will remain. Calls to Vitoria (Brazil) and other ports will be considered upon request.

Strong transshipment options 

Strong connections to the WW Ocean global network to and from Asia, Europe, Oceania, the US East Coast and the US West Coast remain in place via our transshipment hub in Manzanillo, Panama. 

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Due to the political situation in Venezuela negatively affecting cargo volumes, direct calls to Puerto Cabello (Venezuela) will be discontinued from December 2018. Future calls will be considered on request.