“The new sustainable development goals are very general, and currently the UN is working with governments, businesses, non-governmental organizations and individuals to define what we all can do to contribute to these goals,” says Anna Larsson, Global Head of Sustainability at WWL.

A number of best practises from around the world will be shared at the summit, and WWL is bringing two examples to the table, one of which is the newly opened RoRo and Automotive Terminal in Melbourne (MIRRAT), Australia. The other is the Trident Alliance, which is a coalition of ship owners who are pushing for stricter regulations on sulphur emissions. These, and other best practices, will be shared and discussed at the event in the hope that participating companies will come up with more concrete activities and strategies to support the sustainable development goals.

“If we can help inspire to a more sustainable infrastructure by sharing our best practise from Australia or improve cross-industry collaborations, which the Trident Alliance is an example of, that is something we can all be proud of,” Larsson says.

As well as sharing best practices with others, Larsson hopes the summit will present ideas that WWL can adopt in its work. “A lot of what we do already fit in with the sustainable development goals but this is also an opportunity for us to listen and get input on our work as a responsible logistics company,” she says.

WWL is a member of the UN Global Compact. For more information about the UN Global Compact, click here.

These are the UN Sustainable Development Goals: http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/