What is the ACE?

ACE is an electronic streamlined system currently being designed and implemented by US CBP for monitoring the movement of imports and exports. It will be applicable to all modes of transport including air, rail, ocean and truck, and will replace the many paper processes that is in place today. ACE is being phased in through a series of pilot projects, with one for ocean exports beginning in early 2015. While the new system will not be mandatory until 1 May 1 2015, CBP is encouraging all ocean carriers to migrate to the new system well before the deadline.

What’s wrong with the current system?

Today, imports and exports are processed by multiple US agencies, each with their own processes, meaning that the same information is often submitted multiple times. Furthermore, many processes are still paper-based, making the overall procedure very   time consuming and costly.

What will be different?

ACE will offer a single-window system that streamlines all these processes into one system. Traders will only need to submit data on cargo once, where all relevant agencies will be able to access it. Since ACE is electronic, agencies will be able to obtain data more quickly and make decisions in near-real time. Overall, the processing of cargo will be quicker, safer and more cost effective, for government agencies and traders.

How will this affect manufacturers and their logistics providers?

The implementation of ACE means that CBP will be able to identify unsafe, dangerous or prohibited cargo quickly, which will help make clearing customs easier and mean faster deliveries.  It also means that both manufacturers and carriers will have to change or upgrade their IT solutions in order to handle the new EDI requirements.

What is WWL doing to facilitate and implement the change? 

WWL is actively co-operating with US Customs and has been shortlisted to be part of a pilot for the Ocean Export Manifest filing in winter 2015.


For more information, visit http://www.cbp.gov/border-security/ports-entry/