An innovative technology used to protect machinery against corrosion is being introduced at Keen’s US equipment processing centres.

EquipCoat is a cost-effective way of protecting equipment exposed to corrosive materials such as road salt, agricultural chemicals and mining fluids.

The technology is already being used to coat one major brand’s skid steer loaders (SSLs), which are being manufactured near one of Keen’s EPCs in North Carolina.

EquipCoat’s strong protective seal stops moisture and corrosive chemicals from contacting metal, and corroding electric parts and wire connections. The finish is UV-resistant, and unlike clear coats applied to cars, will not peel or flake off.

The product will soon be offered at all Keen EPCs featuring paint booths, including centres in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Texas. Equipment manufacturers seeking to protect their products will be able to request application, with Keen now the preferred distributor of the polymer technology.

“Keen is constantly diversifying its offering for customers and implementing new ways to use its service centres,” says Dan Higgins, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Keen Transport. “EquipCoat is one of many new service offerings and will be used for multiple customer segments beyond rolling equipment – salt mines, fertiliser plants, school bus leasing companies and more.”

The product has recently been used in the Southeastern US to restore paint gloss on school buses.