When it comes to innovation in shipping and logistics, the stakes don’t get much higher than this. With $100,000 up for grabs at October’s Ocean Exchange in Georgia (US), the 12 Orcelle Award finalists will be hoping that their invention demonstrates enough technological wizardry to wow the judges. 

So what is the Orcelle Award? The Wallenius Wilhelmsen-sponsored prize recognises an invention that can makes logistics and shipping more sustainable through commercially viable high-efficiency or zero emission technologies.

The 12 shortlisted innovators will also be competing for the Neptune Award, which recognises a solution that advances our understanding of the ocean and helps minimise our impact. Both awards come with a $100,000 prize.

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Meet the 12 innovators in the running at Ocean Exchange 2018:  

Ashored Innovations (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Ashored’s MOBI (Modular Ocean Based Instrument) system is a bottom-bound ropeless fishing system that prevents whale entanglements and trap loss.

Blue Nalu (CA, USA) 

Blue Nalu are pioneers in cellular aquaculture, in which living cells are isolated from fish tissue, placed into culture media for proliferation, and assembled into fresh and frozen seafood products.

Blue Ocean Gear (CA, USA) 

Blue Ocean Gear developed a Smart Buoy that enables fishermen to locate their gear at all times by sending an alert if the gear moves. This helps save money from lost equipment and reduces ghost fishing gear, which can be harmful to the environment.

Coral Vita (Freeport, Bahamas) 

Coral Vita’s land-based farms integrate new technologies to accelerate coral growth while enhancing resiliency to changing environmental conditions.

Graphite Innovations and Technology (Nova Scotia, Canada) 

GIT has developed marine coating materials that use graphene to create a formula that protects ship hulls from corrosion and biofouling.

Hoopers Island Oyster Co (MD, USA) 

Hooper’s Island Oyster Co developed a vertically integrated oyster aquaculture system that provides new and established growers with seed, grow-out equipment, and processing equipment to support oyster-preneurs. 

Jolt Energy Storage Technologies (MI, USA)

Jolt developed a new and highly scalable battery technology where no expensive catalysts or selective membranes are required.

MicroSynbiotiX (Cork, Ireland) 

MicroSynbiotiX helps solve the current fish vaccine challenge by engineering microalgae to lock the vaccine in the biomass that are a natural part of the fish diet and an essential dietary element in the early development of shrimp and fin-fish.

OceanComm (IL, USA) 

OceanComm has developed a wireless underwater modem that offers communication similar to Wi-Fi, negating the need for tethered communication links.

Osmo Systems (CA, USA) 

The Osmobot integrates a series of well-proven photochemical sensors into a single, low-cost robust probe, improving aquaculture management and monitoring.

Pajarito Powder (NM, USA) 

Pajarito Powder developed catalyst and engineered catalyst supports for improved Proton Exchange Membranes in fuel cells and electrolysers. These enable greater onboard electricity energy storage.

ThisFish (British Columbia, Canada)

Built for the seafood processing sector, Tally is simple, user-friendly software that enables companies to digitise production, traceability and quality control data using visual data dashboards and data analytics.

Ocean Exchange is an annual event that promotes new, innovative solutions designed to help the environment, health and economies.