Picture the challenge. Daimler’s German and US teams were looking for an industrialised way of dismantling numerous newly-assembled Freightliner EconicSD trucks before shipping them to the US from spring 2019 onwards.

While the project might sound simple enough, the logistic and technical expertise needed to dismantle the cabins and lift them onto cradles is not to be underestimated.

Due to the challenges involved with handling the chassis, WW Solutions’ Zeebrugge team – who were awarded the work in December – knew that a tailor-made tool would be needed. As well as working on a customised solution, they’ve also designed a sturdy cradle on which the cabins will be placed and secured for ocean transportation.

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Werner Van Dessel, Senior Business Development Manager, WW Solutions, explains:

“The chassis and cabins need to be shipped on RoRo vessels using roll trailers for transportation – and it was our team’s understanding of the various technical challenges involved that meant we were able to win the contract.”

After being awarded the work, the WW Solutions team organised a two-day workshop, where both Daimler and WW Solutions assessed the dismantling process and explored possible improvements.

“Combining the right amount of technical and communication skills from both Daimler and WW Solutions was a prerequisite to the workshop’s success,” says Jona Tanghe, Specialist Method & Process, WW Solutions.  

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Fabian Wey, Project Manager, Daimler AG, explained why WW Solutions was awarded the work. “Professional facilities right at the port, reliable communication and their experience with comparable operations were just some of the convincing factors. The well-prepared and realised workshop gave me even more reason to look forward with great confidence to our ramp-up in the coming spring.”