The facility team was excited about having a ‘movie star’ on site.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics’ Equipment Processing Centre (EPC) in Singapore recently had the honour of hosting an extra-special guest on its premises – the Cat excavator from the latest James Bond 007 movie, Skyfall.

The world’s most famous 320D L Cat hydraulic excavator arrived at WWL’s EPC in Singapore earlier this year. No ordinary piece of rolling equipment, this one rose to stardom after playing a leading part in the thrilling opening sequence of Skyfall, in which the unstoppable James Bond – played by Daniel Craig – uses a Cat excavator to pursue a villain on top of a train that is hurtling through the Turkish countryside.

“The facility team was excited about having a ‘movie star’ on site,” says Eddie Tan, Operations Manager at WWL’s Singapore EPC. “We were informed that we’d be receiving a unit that had featured in the latest Bond movie. The excavator was en route to a Singapore storage facility, after having been on show at an exhibition in Shanghai, China.”

The unit arrived at Pasir Pajang Port, Singapore, in January and WWL arranged for it to be transported by truck to the EPC.

“Our team was at the port the next morning to inspect the unit. We were surprised to discover that the cabin had no controls or seats. After searching for the controls, we eventually found them in the battery compartment,” says Tan. “Needless to say, extra practice and precautions were required to operate the unit – all of which was done with the greatest of care.”

Cat had issued specific instructions that the unit was to be maintained in its original condition – with all the mud and grease intact.

“Visitors have been extremely excited to hear about the Bond star here at our facility,” concludes Tan. “More photos have been taken of the celebrity guest during the time it has been here than have ever been taken of the facility itself!”