Firstly I am meeting with customers to better understand their needs and views.

Erik Nyheim is WWL’s new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). He gives his insights into WWL’s core markets and how he intends to further improve WWL’s customer offering.

What are your main priorities as you start your new position?
Firstly I am meeting with customers to better understand their needs and views. I will also continue working to further develop an agile commercial organisation delivering a good and consistent customer experience. Being able to provide insights to logistical challenges as well as making it easier to work with us are elements of that.

What do you see as WWL’s main strength in the market?
I would say our people. We have a decentralised organisation with our own experienced sales, customer care and operations people in all main markets. It allows us to work closely and long term with our customers.

How will WWL improve its customer offering?
We will continue to invest in advanced vessels and develop our deep-sea trades. And our network of terminals, processing centres and transportation networks will continue to expand. We would like to work even more intimately with customers to better understand their supply chain needs and jointly be able to develop new solutions– from factory to dealer. 

What are the key geographical markets for WWL and how do you see them developing?
Of our core markets Japan, Korea and the US are developing positively, while Australia has taken a dip and Europe is still lagging.In other markets, we see continued growth opportunities in China, Southeast Asia, India, South America and Africa. Overall the picture for next year still looks rather flat while we see more solid growth to come.

What is your background in the maritime and logistics industry?
I started my career spending six years in the Norwegian Navy, where I served as a submarine officer. Later I worked five years for Boston Consulting Group on strategy and improvement programs for maritime, industrial and logistics companies. For the last eight years I have held various leadership positions at WWL.