Being on site allows for more open communication and ongoing collaboration.

Venture has met the first WWL-Caterpillar Logistics Coordinator, Chris Derby, to learn about his new role.

What is your role at Caterpillar?
“As Logistics Coordinator, I’m based full time at Caterpillar’s office in Peoria, Illinois. It’s my job to act as an interface between WWL and Caterpillar’s Trade Lane Managers and Analysts in Morton, Illinois, to whom I provide daily reports on tonnage and allocation. I’m also the main liaison with Caterpillar’s Technical Services Team in East Peoria and the contract administrator for our global Product Distribution Center (PDC) contracts.”

Why was the role created?
“Caterpillar is a major customer for WWL and, as such, we encounter a significant number of joint opportunities and challenges, as well as operational issues, on a daily basis. For some time now, it has been WWL’s and Caterpillar’s shared objective to have a WWL person on site at Caterpillar to expedite operations and resolve inevitable discrepancies as and when they arise.”

What improvements have you identified since moving on site with Caterpillar?
“Since introducing the new role, we’ve been collaborating closely with Caterpillar to improve Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for inland transits. We’ve also placed renewed emphasis on port dwell times, which have been reduced by more than four days on the North America to Oceania route since the beginning of this year.”

How does it benefit Caterpillar – and WWL - to have you on site?
“Being on site allows for more open communication and ongoing collaboration. It also enables WWL to gain a more in-depth understanding of our customer’s needs, on a day-to-day basis. I believe this will help us discover more synergies and mutually beneficial solutions that will bring the two companies even closer together and enable us to build on our long-term strategic partnership.”