Christopher J. Connor is Deputy CEO of Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics and, since August 2011, also Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) for the company. Connor will work closely with CEO Arild Iversen and the rest of the senior global management team on strategy, while also driving specifi c initiatives to enhance commercial development across the globe.

What are you looking forward to most in your new job?
“The chance to influence and impact WWL’s commercial development on a global scale is very motivating, but what’s really intriguing about my new job is the opportunity to work with our customers around the globe. WWL’s customer base comprise some of the most famous brands in the universe, manufacturing highly sophisticated and innovative cars and trucks, equipment or mining, construction and agriculture, as well as railcars, machinery, boats and more. Our customers’ globalisation becomes WWL’s globalisation, and being part of their developments is exciting and cool, and I’m very happy to be part of it.”

What does your new role involve?
“Ultimately the CCO role is all about driving top and bottom line growth, across all WWL’s products and services, and keeping WWL in a position to meet and exceed customer expectations along the way. There are a number of key steps along this path, but suffi ce to say the organisational restructuring we put in place back in June (a unified commercial structure, globally and regionally, responsible for all products) has been a key catalyst in getting this effort on track.”

How do you position WWl to “meet and exceed” customer expectations?
“The best way is to achieve a deep understanding of our customers, their markets and their logistics strategies and challenges. We get this understanding partly through our everyday experiences with the customers - delivering their products to market – but, more importantly, we get it by putting talented and experienced commercial people in front of key managers on the customer side asking the right questions, and tailoring WWL’s factory to dealer capabilities to suit their specifi c needs. This kind of customer/supplier collaboration, which moves beyond the traditional transportation buy/sell relationships, can be really powerful. We have a growing number of reference points in this regard and it’s dynamic and exciting to be a part of it.”