We try to look at ourselves through our client’s eyes; try to see what their world looks like.

With 13 Years in WWL and 8 of them in WWL Asia, he is looking ahead to carry on the WWL plans in to this exciting market. 
“Asia is an incredibly fragmented and diversified market and I have spent the past few months getting up to speed,” Bantel says. ”After an extremely strong 2012, drivenparticularly by a hot Chinese economy, 2013 is showing somewhat more moderate levels,but the underlying macroeconomic growth foundation is still strong.”
Much has changed since he was last in Asia, especially in the emerging markets.“Our service network has grown substantially in the emerging markets and with it our organisation, particularly on the land-based side with terminals, technical services, processing and inland distribution,” he says. “For example, when I left Asia in 2007, there were only two or three people in our India Rep office. Today we have a WWL Team with over 300 persons.”Bantel also cites growing exports from China and Korea and reduced car exportsfrom Japan as two other key changes since his last tenure in Asia.
Bantel's priority is his customers. 
“We try to look at ourselves through our client’s eyes; try to see what their world looks like,” he says. “Our customers find themselves in a very competitive environment: the cost pressure is strong, there are more markets, but more fragmentation. Production methods are fundamentally changing and globalisation has evolved from a buzzword to being part of our customers DNA and supply chain optimisation is seen as a key differentiator for many of our customers. To respond to this, we have developed from being a deep sea RoRo carrier to a multiproduct service provider and now we are further evolving into a solutions service provider.“We need to keep developing our service network in Asia into new markets to ensure we have the right infrastructure where our customers need us.“In addition I want us to continue to have a deep understanding of our customers’ business and their supply chains and to build innovative solutions to help address their challenges.”

Axel Bantel
Head of Region Asia
Age: 43 
Joined WWL Group in 1992, assignments in Germany, Sweden, Thailand, China and Japan. 
Hobbies: Music, books, sports, food and travelling.