This benefits our customers in terms of the type of solutions we can develop and deliver.

The 18-month long career development programme starts in June 2014.

“The Global Graduate Program is one aspect of our strategic competence drive, to ensure we have the right people, with the right skills and potential, in the right roles,” says Nicole Mc-Corquodale, Strategic Competence Program Manager, Global HR for WWL.

"This benefits our customers in terms of the type of solutions we can develop and deliver, the level of strategic thinking we can employ and the leaders we are nurturing and developing to lead the company in the future."

Based in Arizona, USA, the Thunderbird School is known for its focus on international business management, which makes it a particularly strong partner for WWL. "In order for WWL to be a world-leading global provider of outbound logistics, we not only need people with technical and operational experience but also those with a true global understanding and mindset, who have the ability to go beyond borders in their thinking, adaptability and skills.

"These latter qualities, in particular, are what we see Thunderbird graduates bringing to WWL," says McCorquodale.

The six graduates are of different nationalities, have a multitude of language abilities and overseas experience. "With the ever-increasing globalisation of our customers’ supply chains and operations, these types of profiles and perspectives are what is required to deliver in line with customer needs," says McCorquodale.