“It’s very exciting to move to Japan and head up such a dynamic region.

Since joining Wallenius in 1993 – before the merger with Wilhelmsen created Wall-enius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) – he has set up and managed several key offices: one in Gothenburg, Sweden, which he started from scratch and the other at Southampton, in the UK, broadening his international experience. In 2003 he returned to Stockholm to head up WWL’s Atlantic Trade.  

When Venture spoke to Peterson, he had just finished packing up his house and his belongings were en route to Japan.

“It’s very exciting to move to Japan and head up such a dynamic region,” Peterson says. “Asia is an extremely interesting region covering such diverse markets as Japan, Korea, China, the Middle East and India. And it’s going to be very encouraging to work in this part of the world that is really booming.”

He is referring, of course, to a region where WWL has built up a strong local presence with key customers in Japan and Korea, and where it is developing its products and services even further to serve the tireless powerhouses of China and India. “Many customers are very clear about their plans to develop in emerging markets like China and India, and we will continue to develop and grow our products to support them in the best possible way,” comments Peterson. 

Asia has been an important region for WWL for decades, but in recent years the company has stepped up its operations apace. In the last three years alone, WWL has opened two new offices in India (Mumbai and Chennai) and a new PDI centre near Dubai. This is in response to the region’s strong growth and increased demands for more sophisticated logistics services. And it is a far cry from the 1920s when Wilh. Wilhelmsen started out with a shipping license in China: today its services cover terminals, PDIs, inland trucking, supply chain management and full ocean services. 

“We have many dedicated and engaged people working in our Asian operations,” says Peterson. “And I’m really looking forward to meeting our customers in Asia and learning more about the business and culture of these diverse countries.” 

Anders Peterson
Job title: Head of Region Asia
Age: 46
Family: Wife, 6-year-old daughter and 3-month-old son
Background: Degree in transport and logist-ics management. Joined Sea land in 1984 before joining Wallenius Lines in 1993 as Regional Marketing Manager for the Nordic region, Russia and the UK; General manager for Wallenius Lines’ Gothenburg office 1997-1999; Managing Director for WWL Scandinavia 2000-2002; Managing Director of WWL’s UK office 2003-2007; Head of Atlantic Trade 2007-2010.
Hobbies: Skiing, golf, diving
What he looks forward to most in his new role: “Being part of the development of the most dynamic region in the world.”