This means that customers will maintain the same contacts, but with a larger service portfolio at their disposal.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics has joined forces with Abnormal Load Services Holding B.V, (ALS), the specialist in out-of-gauge project management and equipment transportation. The acquisition of a 60 percent stake in the company will enable WWL significantly to enhance and extend its service offering to customers in the rolling equipment and project cargo segments.

Adopting the name Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics Abnormal Load Services (WWL ALS), the new venture will become an integrated part of WWL’s existing product offering. As experts in the handling and inland distribution of rolling equipment and out-of-gauge project cargo, WWL ALS will enable customers to have one point of contact for complete factory-to-dealer solutions, in a sector where the size and complex nature of the products make specialised cargo-handling routines and transport solutions a necessity.

“We’ve expanded our service scope by offering market-leading expertise in inland distribution, handling and logistics for rolling equipment and out-of-gauge cargo,” comments Axel Bantel, Executive Vice President & Head of Commercial for WWL in Europe. “The partnership will also enable us to offer more than our existing port-to-port service in the breakbulk segment – for customers with an interest in solutions of this kind.”

“We were very impressed by how professional the people at ALS were and how passionate they were about the business,” continues Bantel. “Moreover, our two companies already shared the same core values – with a clear focus on delivering quality and customer value.”

René van de Vin, Managing Director of WWL ALS, adds that the newly formed WWL ALS has already received its first major contract. A leading construction equipment manufacturer recently extended its existing relationship with WWL, which already encompasses ocean transport, along with terminal and Technical Services, to include inland transportation across Europe.

“This is completely new business for us both,” he says. “We were able to secure it thanks to WWL’s outstanding record of providing shipping and technical services to the customer, combined with our unrivalled knowledge of the European inland distribution market.”

Meanwhile, Axel Bantel goes on to explain that WWL ALS’s service portfolio will be marketed through WWL’s existing commercial channels. 

“This means that customers will maintain the same contacts, but with a larger service portfolio at their disposal. Going forward, we’ll also be looking at ways of integrating the highly specialised skillset that ALS has brought to our organisation into other geographical areas beyond Europe,” he concludes.

WWL ALS offers

- Expertise in out-of-gauge inland transportation and distribution.

- Enhanced cargo-handling and quality expertise in relation to out-of-gauge rolling equipment and breakbulk cargo.

- Flexible, customised transport and logistics solutions, provided in accordance with customer needs, outside the established WWL trade lanes. 

- The ability to handle breakbulk cargo beyond port-to-port, if required by the customer.

- The capacity to respond to individual customer requirements, outside WWL’s standard technical capabilities (weight, dimensions and so on).

About ALS
ALS was founded in the United Kingdom in 1979. The company specialises in global out-of-gauge solutions and the transportation of rolling equipment, including cargo handling, distribution and transport by road, river and ocean.