The survey has also given us an opportunity to start a dialogue with our customers.

Almost a year has passed since WWL starting using its online survey to obtain more detailed, up-to-date feedback from its customers. With the results from the last six months just in, WWL’s Global Head of Customer Care, Joost Somers, is delighted to note that customer satisfaction is steadily improving.

Customer satisfaction increased by 1.5 percent in the first six months of 2012 compared with the previous period. “While all the regions have improved, Asia is leading the way with a satisfaction rating of nearly 94 percent,” he says. Somers goes on to explain that the survey has reached more people in recent months, thereby expanding its potential. Meanwhile, he is confident that the decisive action taken by WWL to address the feedback from the survey has been one of the key reasons for the improvement.

“We’ve been working actively with the responses,” he says. “Whenever we’ve seen issues arising from the survey, we’ve put in place specific action plans to address them swiftly and effectively.

“The survey has also given us an opportunity to start a dialogue with our customers. If the customers choose to identify themselves, it means we can contact them and find out what they think about our service and how to improve it.”
One of the areas identified in 2011 as requiring improvement was Documentation, Quality &Timeliness. WWL responded to this by reviewing the relevant KPIs to ensure that they better reflect what the customers want and expect.

“This is an invaluable tool for us – it gives us more constructive feedback than we’ve ever had before,” Somers adds. “I’d like to thank everyone who’s taken the time to respond and to encourage them to continue sharing their views. Now that we’re into our second year, some respondents maystart receiving the survey for the second time. I look forward to comparing our year-on-year results and using the feedback to continue delivering improvements and value to our customers.”