In the world of shipping, a RoRo vessel – despite common misconceptions – is no one-trick pony. Whether you’re looking to ship small machine parts, crated boxes or super heavy-lift cargo, the WW Ocean fleet has a vessel to assist. Still need convincing? Here are five reasons why RoRo’s the clear winner when it comes to serving customers with frequent shipping needs.

 1.    When it comes to smaller breakbulk, WW Ocean’s shipment expertise is unparalleled

While heavy-lift cargo isn’t unusual, the team at WW Ocean have many years’ experience in shipping smaller breakbulk – in fact, small breakbulk pieces (spare parts, machine tools and crated boxes, for example) make up the majority of our business. As a result, customers can expect efficient cargo stowage and excellent handling, thanks to the use of both roll trailers and bolsters to move the cargo on and off the vessel.

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 2.    Frequent sailings are critical for shippers with regular cargo flows

WW Ocean’s regular and frequent sailings and quick transit times are ideal for OEMs wanting to get their products to market as quickly as possible and on a frequent basis. With three to nine vessels deployed every month per trade lane – and more than 50 vessels deployed at all times around the world – breakbulk cargo is always prioritised over other cargo types. In Asia, for example, many OEMs choose regular shipments with WW Ocean because their industrial machines – injection moulding machines and machine tools – need to be shipped frequently to buyers around the world.

 3.    Underdeck stowage provides extra cargo protection

When journeys involve unpredictable weather conditions, OEMs are often pleased to learn that WW Ocean vessels offer underdeck protection, which helps ensure cargo is kept safe. And regardless of where on a vessel it’s stowed, cargo is always visible to crew – it’s not hidden within a container or block stacked on top of other cargo. This means it is checked regularly during the ocean voyage.

 4.    Minimal lifting means minimal risk for cargo owners

It’s clear that reduced handling equates to reduced risk – and this is certainly true in the world of breakbulk where cargo is both complex and costly. While container and LoLo transportation involve significant cargo-handling through lifting (and therefore increased risk of cargo damage), RoRo shipments involve limited lifting as a result of rolling cargo on and off the vessel.

 5.    Breakbulk can be efficiently stored and handled at our specially designed terminals

Global ports and terminals to which WW Ocean offers a service have been designed by logistics experts to provide flexibility in the processing, handling and storage of products, as well as convenient links to road, rail and short-sea feeder connections. You can check out the network of own terminals here.