Despite dips in economic growth, China continues to have several vital advantages compared with other countries. Its low-cost manufacturing, role as a regional supply chain hub to the rest of Asia and the increasing demand of a growing Chinese middle class have buoyed the country’s slowed growth outlook. 

WWL has increased its presence within the country over the past few years to support customers.  In 2013 the company operated out of two key facilities; today it provides operations in eight facilities covering all of China, featuring offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chendu, Tianjin, Xuzhou, Beijing, Dalian and Daqing.

The facilities are strategically located near key agricultural hubs, automotive factories and transportation networks – both on land and by sea – allowing for reduced lead-time for customers in China, and across the border to Russia, CIS countries and Inner Mongolia.  And ocean services to North America, Europe and Oceania ensure the seamless handover of products directly to customer’s showroom floors.

The facilities also offer a wide variety of services ranging from pre-delivery inspection and export preparation to washing, cleaning accessorisation and more. For instance, a service facility recently opened in the free-trade zone in Tianjin, where customers can take advantage of deferring duty on selected imported goods until sold, providing cash flow benefits. WWL also ships high and heavy specialised equipment, such as crawler dozers, combine harvesters and trains along with other breakbulk cargo.


WWL services in China

  •  Automotive in-plant operations, including vehicle inspection, transport planning and booking, vehicle staging.
  • Terminal services and yard management, including washing, maintenance, storage and PDI.
  • Rolling equipment in-plant operations and/or storage, working with production to plan and manage the outbound volume of machines.
  • Vehicle distribution centre, managing from first point of rest to dealer, includes PDI, local -accessory installation, washing, storage, transportation ex-terminal.
  • Area sales office.
  • Terminal share holder.
  • Ocean transport, to North -America, Europe, Oceania and -Intra-Asia.
  • Inland transportation, including domestic and cross-border transport into Inner Mongolia, Russia and the CIS countries.