One investor in the industry is Google co-founder Larry Page, whose company Zee.Aero states on its website: “We're designing, building and testing better ways to get from A to B.” The released vehicles are far from the futuristic vision of flying family cars. Instead, they are small airplanes that can leave the airport on public roads.

Although the underlying technology has made enormous progress in the past year, according to industry experts, you still need licensing, airports, weight-and-balance calculations, flight plans, air traffic control and all the rest to be able to fly “the car”. Another issue is safety – it’s unlikely that the public will be trusted by society to navigate complex aircraft in densely populated neighbourhoods. As one sceptic, Elon Musk, the Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO, said in an interview with StarTalk Radio in 2015: “It’s got to be autopilot” for a flying car to become popular.

That said, the way these vehicles are designed and the opportunities they bring are sure to appeal to many luxury car fans and flight enthusiasts alike.

Some of the companies currently working on flying cars are:



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