Our Roll-on Roll-off vessels offer a wining set of benefits for the shipment of rail carriage and locomotive cargo. Click on the interactive infographic to learn more about our RoRo vessels.

It is just not natural for trains to take to the air, either under their own power or through the use of cranes. That is why Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) shipping is the perfect match for rail equipment. In fact, when the first RoRo shipping solution was built in Scotland in the mid 19th century, it was to transport trains across the river in Edinburgh.

While today’s RoRo vessels are far different from the train ferries of the past, the principle is still the same: rail equipment is simply rolled on and off the vessel via a stern ramp with no lifting needed.  And thanks to the highest main decks in the industry, the height of the rail cars is seldom a limiting factor.

Safe and efficient shipping

When rail cargo is shipped the RoRo way, the units remain on the same handling equipment from first port of load to the last port of discharge, including transhipment. This means we can provide a smooth, swift and safe operation. Our tailor-made handling equipment, in combination with its staff’s deep experience, make this an ideal shipping solution for rail transportation.