WWL in Australia offers a range of coastal services to support its customers with their supply chain management needs. With three monthly sailings from the east coast to Fremantle on the west coast, and two sailings a month from Fremantle back to the east coast, customers in Australia have a secure and reliable option for moving their cargo across the country. The services are available for all cargo segments, including cars, breakbulk and rolling equipment.

Compared with other modes of transport, scheduled ocean services are not only more reliable in terms of timing, but they also ensure superior quality. The risk of damage to cargo is considerably greater when it is exposed to conditions associated with other modes including bad weather, stone chips and repeated loading and unloading.

Since June of this year, WWL has been supporting Toyota with coastal moves, allowing the customer to save time and helping to minimise any damage to the vehicles. For example, locally manufactured Toyota Camry and Toyota Aurion cars were recently shipped in one sailing on board the MV Tongala from Melbourne in Victoria to Port Kembla in New South Wales.

Customers wishing to use WWL’s coastal services are advised to work with their account managers or customer care team to find the best vessel voyage to fit their timelines. Once a target vessel has been identified, WWL will support the customer in arranging the necessary paperwork. WWL typically requires a minimum of 10 business days prior to the ETA at the port of load in order to apply for a coastal license.

The ports covered by WWL’s Australian coastal services are Melbourne, Fremantle, Brisbane and Port Kembla.