1. WW Solutions doubles down with Zeebrugge port and terminal expansion

In February, WW Solutions made the exciting announcement that it will be investing close to $20m in the expansion of the Belgian Port of Zeebrugge – this expanded High and Heavy EPC capacity has been developed to accommodate and meet OEM growth projections. Through developing 49 hectares within the inner port, WW Solutions’ terminal now has a larger footprint from which to offer services across Northern Europe!

2. US VPC expansion gives auto customers something to really smile about

The city of Tacoma in Washington, will soon be home to a new vehicle processing centre (VPC), capable of processing up to 200,000 vehicles a year – with the ability to expand as needed. After signing a 30-year lease with the Port of Tacoma, WW Solutions expands even further into the Pacific Northwest.

3. Trials of autonomous vehicles (AVs) at Melbourne’s MIRRAT terminal pave way for future development

The role of AVs in port terminals was put under the microscope with a series of trials using EZ10 driverless shuttle vehicles from EasyMile, one of the world’s leading autonomous vehicle technology specialists. This research will inform what the terminal of tomorrow looks like and leverage technology to better meet customer need. 

4. Stink bugs put on red alert with new US and Belgian heat treatment facility

The openings of two new heat treatment facilities in Baltimore and Zeebrugge were welcome news for Oceania shippers. The Baltimore facility, perfectly placed to deal with cargo travelling out of the US and into Australia and New Zealand, has been designed to scale up to meet future demand. The newly constructed Zeebrugge facility has been designed to accommodate the growing volumes requiring treatment – linked of course to shifting regulations.

5. WW Solutions gets in a spin about automated logistic

WW Solutions made clear its commitment to full lifecycle logistics with its 70% acquisition of Syngin Technology LLC, a leading provider of automated logistics solutions, in July. Using a holistic value chain approach, the system enables highly efficient and cost-effective transportation for the unified eco-system around used fleet vehicles.

6. Acquisition of Keen Transport gives rolling equipment customers a boost

Following WW Solutions’ 2017 acquisition of Keen, a leading provider of heavy-haul logistics and transportation service, WW Solutions’ customers now benefit from Keen’s 13 EPCs, 450 employees and considerable knowledge base. Good news for the rolling equipment OEM community.

7. Tacoma becomes one-stop-shop for rolling equipment OEMs

Customers looking to access both trucking and processing services in one location need look no further than the port of Tacoma on the US West Coast. With its acquisition of Keen Transport in 2017 and the consolidation of equipment processing centres at Tacoma, WW Solutions is able to ensure rolling equipment OEMs use one partner for all of their processing and inland distribution needs.

8. Wallenius Wilhelmsen unveils its two new logistics brands

March’s company restructure marked a significant moment in Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s history: it’s now known as ocean transport company Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean and land-based logistics company Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions. This new strategy puts the Wallenius Wilhelmsen group on the front foot when it comes to the ever-changing logistics landscape.