Through its 900-plus employees at 13 operational sites, it offers solid local market knowledge and experience matched with international quality standards and skills transfer. Its mission is to address the specialised logistics needs and requirements of South-African-based vehicle OEMs and importers, and to do so it has established close bonds with its customers.

1. Yard management and storage
WWL provides yard management and storage services in South Africa to several top automotive brands, including Toyota and Volkswagen. It currently manages some 480,000 vehicles per annum at 13 sites across the country, comprising both in-plant sites and WWL’s own multi-brand sites. Customers stand to benefit from state-of-the-art practices and processes, including world-class parking standards, optimised yard layouts, vehicle flow and utilisation, and best labour practices, as well as a cutting-edge yard management system.

2. Supply chain management
WWL can manage your entire outbound supply chain in South Africa and make sure it is managed effectively, delays are kept to a minimum and lead times are reduced through the use of a series of key processes. For example, it coordinates with and manages all subcontractors to ensure that they deliver according to set agreements, implement strict KPIs and produce daily reports to monitor and immediately rectify any deviations in lead times. A dedicated call centre serves as the single point of contact for all customers, and a web-based supply chain management software developed in-house offers customers complete, real-time visibility of all the vehicles in the supply chain, including an estimated time of arrival at their destination.

3. Technical services and fitments
WWL’s Technical Services specialists in South Africa have been trained according to the very latest industry standards. Handling some 220,000 vehicles a year, they carry out everything from vehicle maintenance to small and heavy repairs, as well as fitments, including specialised and ad hoc installations, customisations and modifications of vehicles according to specific customer demands. Technical services and fitments are carried out both on site at customer manufacturing plants and at WWL’s own multi-brand processing sites.

4. Land-based transport
WWL in South Africa offers a complete land-based transport solution through a mix of road and rail transport and a range of carefully selected partners. This includes on-wheels transport for about 200,000 units annually, using the vehicle’s own power, and off-wheels transport and container transport from port to assembly plants. WWL is the South African market leader in specialised rail services, via its contract with Transnet Freight Rail for all inland and coastal automotive rail terminal operations. Existing rail clients include Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford and General Motors, for whom WWL handles rail operations for more than 185,000 vehicles annually.

5. Ocean transport
WWL opened an ocean division office in South Africa in early 2011 to establish closer relationships with its major global OEMs’ local organisations. The company services the key South African ports of Port Elizabeth, East London and Durban to Europe and Oceania as part of its regular liner services, with three to four sailings a month. Last year, WWL vessels completed more than 130 port calls in South Africa, importing and exporting some 68,000 cars and 32,500 pieces of rolling equipment.