We have our sights set on the long-term future.

Some 250 delegates from various industries (auto, rail, renewable energy, finance & investment, forestry, food & beverage and construction industries) gathered in London for the B4E (Business for the Environment) Climate Summit this autumn. As the only shipping company invited to talk, WWL was asked to demonstrate why shipping can be one of the environmental leaders in the future.

Melanie Moore, WWL’s Vice President Environment, also participated in a panel debate on “Revolutions that will change the world”, sharing WWL’s perspective one zero-emission shipping and the company’s roadmap towards this type of future . 
Although mid-range emission scenarios show that, in the absence of policies, shipping emissions may grow by 150 to 250 per cent by 2050, WWL was able to demonstrate how it is seeking to ensure environmental progress, through innovative, sustainable solutions such as the E/S Orcelle.

“We have our sights set on the long-term future,” says Melanie Moore. “Being given the opportunity to share our strategy in forums such as this enhances our ability to develop partnerships that will help us realise our ambitions.”