We’re investing today in our long-term ambition to achieve zero emissions.

The Orcelle Grants were created by Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) to support the development of innovative, commercially viable solutions for a zero-emission future in maritime transport and logistics. As of this year, WWL is partnering with Savannah Ocean Exchange (SOE) to extend the reach of the programme, facilitating the leap of ideas and innovations across industries.

 “We’re investing today in our long-term ambition to achieve zero emissions,” says WWL’s VP Environment, Melanie Moore. “Our environmental work is crucially directed towards minimising risk and cost. As the threats posed by climate change, pollution and fossil fuel depletion continue to grow, our industry will face increasingly strict legislative demands. We must speed up the pace of technology, in order to mitigate those risks – not only for ourselves but also for society and our customers.

 “We’ve partnered with the SOE, because it’s a dynamic new organisation with an exciting approach to advancing environmental innovation across multiple industries and disciplines.”

Founded in 2010, the SOE unites international organisations to distribute and adopt solutions that positively impact oceans and ocean life. Last year, its competition to identify the most promising sustainable maritime solution generated applications from across five continents. This year, the award will be divided into three sub-categories – air, land and sea, the last of which is sponsored by WWL.

“WWL shares the same vision and goals as the Savannah Ocean Exchange,” says Cort Atkinson, Co-Founder and CEO of the SOE. “We both seek to do more than identify solutions for our own use – we want to showcase the best economic and environmental solutions of today and accelerate their implementation. The innovations sourced through our partnership are not theoretical – they can be implemented immediately and, because they’re multi-disciplinary, we believe many of them can be used by WWL’s partners and customers in their own businesses too.”

The theme for the 2012 Savannah Ocean Exchange is “Leap to ZERO+”. ZERO+ is the practice of creating gains (+), roads to prosperity and full productivity, while reducing (ZERO) the use of non-renewable natural resources, waste and the time required to transform waste and by-products into re-usable resources.

 “The Savannah Ocean Exchange’s ‘Leap for Zero+’ theme is a perfect fit with the global zero-emission ambition we have for our operations,” comments WWL’s President  & CEO, Arild B. Iversen. “Together with the SOE, we can progress further and faster in promoting and developing environmentally and economically sustainable solutions for shipping.”

The winners of the awards will be announced at the SOE’s annual Solutions Exchange, in Savannah, Georgia, this September. According to Melanie Moore, the event, which brings together global thought leaders from multiple disciplines including industry, education, research, technology, government and conservation, represents a unique forum in which to foster and inspire cross-industry innovation.

 “We view this as a unique opportunity to share ideas across industries, enabling us to speed up the pace of technology and thereby the ability to realise our zero-emission ambition,” she says.

Facts Orcelle Grants

Since 2008, WWL Orcelle Grants have been awarded to clean-tech entrepreneurs working on alternative energy sources and energy-efficient technologies for commercial ocean vessels and marine facilities. The winner of the Orcelle Grant receives USD 100,000, as well as technical support from WWL’s naval engineers and architects. For the 2012 Orcelle Grant, an international “call for solutions” will be issued in February, seeking proactive, innovative, scalable and economically productive solutions that accelerate the timeline of reaching ZERO+.