We have very big import volumes.

A lot of imports 

“We have very big import volumes,” says Dong Yeol Lee, PIRT’s Assistant Manager, Sales & Marketing Team. “Koreans are buying foreign cars, and we handle many international brands.”

Ready for exports, too

While imported cars are by far the biggest item for PIRT, the terminal also handles high and heavy (H&H) cargo, such as Korean-made excavators heading for North America.

Handling critical infrastructure 

As the Seoul metropolitan area modernizes its transportation system, PIRT is there to assist, such as with the offloading of a German railcar, one of 30 to be imported.

Moving breakbulk 

Being a dedicated RoRo terminal doesn’t mean other cargo isn’t handled as well; Mr. Lee has seen an increasing amount of breakbulk cargo, such as these crates loaded on a mafi trailer.

Gentle touch for a big reel 

A reel of cable is loaded onto a mafi trailer onboard a WWL vessel for export. Two leading Korean cable makers are major clients for PIRT, exporting to Dubai, India, the Netherlands and other destinations.

Nothing too unusual 

“Helicopters aren’t that common,” Mr. Lee says – but in the two years the terminal has been operating, his team has handled four of the bulky aircraft, including this one from South America. Others have come from Germany, the US and the – symbolizing the wide range of cargo imported from locations around the globe.